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About Us

We Build for People


Our Story

Intinusa Selareksa, Tbk has been a pioneer and major player in the natural stone processing industry for 30 years. Established amidst the robust growth of Indonesia economy at the end of 80s, the company survived the financial and the monetary crash in 1995-2001. Currently the company has been reviving since year 2002 with the focus on providing and installing marbles and granites along with laminated flooring and toilet cubicles as we expand into other building materials that complement our strength in building project.

The company managed to consistently overcome the challenges due to the national competition and global condition. Our strong confidence comes from our ability to adapt, maintain core competence, and evolving corporate management to continuously improve in order to best serve the customers.

Through years of experience, we have come to a platform of practices and operations that involved quality Management System ISO 9001, proper technology and strong commitment to deliver quality product accordingly. This is proven from time to time by our repeat customers from well-known leading contractors in Indonesia, by good reference from outstanding architects and consultants, also by the vast number of agents and distributors, and by our exports to various countries expanding from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Japan, Korea and even further to United States.

Our Vision

Enabling PT. Intinusa Selareksa, Tbk to become an integrated-manufacturing-company that provides all kinds of granite and marble from all over the world.

Our Mission

Transforming Indonesian Natural Stone to an international quality in the global market.

Supporting the government in physical-infrastructure-development.

Providing the best service to the both domestic and international customer.

Improving performance of PT. Intinusa Selareksa, Tbk continually in order to maximize profit.

Bringing prosperity to the employees of PT. Intinusa Selareksa, Tbk.

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